Sunday, August 27, 2006

Our American cousins

You may have caught the recent news item from Virginia(VA) in the good old US of A. It concerns the proposed ban on underwear being visible above the waistline of your pants (trousers), or to state it officially –

“exposes his below-waist undergarments in an offensive manner".

The proposal is to levy a $50 fine on anyone caught exposing said undergarments in an offensive manner. The “bill” has been adopted by a voted margin of 60 to 34, though has yet to clear the state senate to become law.
Mr. Algie T Howell, from Virginia, launched the crusade to ban undergarments being visible, stating that “they're supposed to be worn under something else."
He also stated that “to vote for this bill would be to do something good not only for Virginia, but for this entire country."

Virginia? Isn’t that the state where you don’t need to have a permit to own a firearm? In fact, the law states that you can legally carry your firearm in a public place as long as it is exposed and visible for all to see.

So basically, as a resident of Virginia, if you are seen with a gun sticking out of your belt, well, hell that’s ok! But if that belt be worn in a low slung manner, thereby exposing your undergarments, then you’ll be stopped by the police and fined $50 for exposing said undergarments in a public place.

The good old US of A - they'll be banning online gambling next!!

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