Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A fair question.

I have been asked directly 'why do you operate a casino and sportsbook website?'

My answer? For one good reason.......I need to make money. I have had a few lean years after the disaster that was 'Operation South Downs.' I had mortgaged myself to the hilt and overspent in all areas of my life, having assumed the great financial success of the film, only to have it all fall in on me when I was kicked out of the profession - not officially, but to all intents and purposes.
'Quigley Cuts Down' is my first film venture in 4 years. That's 4 years with very little money coming in and plenty going out. And don't imagine that I am being paid a fortune on this project. Its budget is lower than the belly of a snake. has contributed, in a small way, to my financial survival.
Hopefully I can sell it on at a later date, but until I am financially secure again, it shall remain active and a contributory factor to my survival.

For your information - 'Operation South Downs - Part Two' will be added here next week.
I haven't worked out how many 'parts' there will be in total yet, but somewhere around 30 or 40 parts, I imagine. (or until I get shut down for legal reasons)

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